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Winter Challenge 2014


The XIX Winter Challenge - 23rd to 27th February 2014

Race Retro 2014

The crews will be waved off from the start on Sunday 23rd February from Race Retro, Stonleigh Park, Coventy.

A challenging route lays ahead over five days that will see the crews battle through ice and snow on the mountain passes as they make their way to the finish at Monte Carlo on Thursday 27th.


Update December 2013

It’s looking good for the 19th Winter Challenge, the most recent route survey had ideal Winter Challenge conditions – bright sunshine and enough snow to make it a winter rally but not so much that good progress could not be maintained.

The route is designed to be challenging but achievable by all sorts of different cars but of course what none of us know is what the weather will be like on the day. You’ll have to read my mutterings page for some more on what the implications of this are.

We’ll have starts from Race Retro and from Troyes in France, both these routes will have a test and two regularities on the run down to Portsmouth and across to Chartres respectively.

On Monday morning starters from both routes will meet up for another test before a visit to Le Mans where we are in negotiations for another test before a series of straight forward regularities will take us the overnight halt at Bourges.Sunbeam Tiger, Winter challenge 2014

The route has been designed to avoid main roads and large towns, this enables you to make good progress and provides plenty of interest for driver and co – driver alike.

On the Tuesday morning a regularity will precede another test or two but from Tuesday afternoon onwards the terrain becomes more undulating and the intensity increases, but by this point even crews who have never competed together before should be into a good rhythm and well up to the challenge.

Although mostly based on the use of Michelin 1:150,000 scale maps (see Map packs) with the route information provided in advance there will be some sections based on the use of the IGN 1:100,000 maps and these will be given as marked map sections. Although these will predominantly be used in the latter stages of the event examples will also be used earlier to give crews chance to experience the maps whilst under less pressure.

At this point I’m not going to give too much away about our plans for the last two days….

Update October 2013

Our plans for the International Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo are well underway and we are looking forward to returning to France and hopefully the February date will give us a good chance of some snow on the higher roads but the weather is one thing we don’t have too much influence over!

Don’t me too daunted though if this is your first winter event, you will not be the only novice. Equip your car with some good winter tyres and you’ll be amazed at what good progress an older car can make – the narrow tyres fitted to old cars are far more suitable for snowy conditions as the narrow tyres cuts down through the snow whereas a modern car with wide tyres tends to skate across the service. Even without snow the winter tyres will be of use as there compounds are optimised for use in colder weather.Winter Challenge 2014

On all events there are a good range of cars and crews of varying ability so you’ll soon find a group that are running at a similar pace to yourself and with re seeding after most legs you will tend to stay together.  We also run reverse seeding which means the slower cars start first and instead of falling behind you are kept within the main field of the event.

You can see more information on the event here

30 of the 35 entries have been taken up but we do need your support to fill the remaining places.

We would like to confirm that should the event not go ahead as planned any deposits paid will be refunded in full. Deposit payments are made into an ESCROW account which protects your deposit with funds not being released to us as the organisers until about eight weeks before event starts.

Following on from the last edition of Turini Tales we have had several queries regarding the form of route information used on the event as it is a little different to what many are now used to.

There are two main methods – map marking instructions and marked maps.

The majority of the route will be defined by the use of map marking instructions and this information is sent out a couple of weeks before the event giving you ample time to plot the required route.

Sometimes it is not appropriate to let you know the planned route too far in advance so for short sections of the event the route will be given out in the form of a “marked map”. This will be in a form that you can use without transferring to your own maps and will be given out at least 30 minutes before a section starts

There will be no “plot and bash” type navigation required when information is handed to you as you leave a control point.

You can download the latest event newsletter below