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Winter Challenge

Will return in 2016

WELCOME BACK... to the original, most authentic winter epic, the challenge of driving the worst roads in Europe in the thick of mid-winter, and the satisfaction of surviving and finally descending from the Alpine snow and fog to the brilliant sunshine of the Mediterranean, and the most famous finishing ramp in rallying history.

The International Winter Challenge to Monte-Carlo will again be organised with the emphasis on historical authenticity, not just because car modifications are limited to correct period specification, but also in the way we run the actual event for you. Every detail will be a step back in time to the Golden Era of rallying. And of course the mountain roads of France will still provide the most challenging and enjoyable motoring anywhere in the world.

So it’s welcome back to duffle coats, silk scarves, flying jackets, thermos flasks, snow chains, tow ropes, fog lights and a shovel on the roof! It’s welcome back to climbing ice covered passes! It’s welcome back to driving through empty, snow bound landscapes. It’s welcome back to trusting your navigator as they struggle, with tired eyes and frozen fingers, and a sigh of relief when you finally find a lonely marshal keeping vigil by the roadside.But most of all, it is welcome back to competitors past and present who dare to join us on the most authentic winter adventure of them all - The Winter Challenge.

The ceremonial start will take place on the Sunday of Race Retro which is taking place from Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd February 2014 at Stonleigh Park, Coventry. Click here  to buy tickets

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